Range of Motion Videos

Watch our videos to see how ICW arms tilt, swivel and rotate so you can position your computer exactly where you want it.

Elite 5216 –
Quick Look

Elite 5216 Mount Quick Look Range of Motion Video

Tablet Mount –
Quick Look

Tablet Mount Quick Look Range of Motion Video

Titan Elite
Ceiling Mount

Titan Elite Ceiling Mount Range of Motion Video

Titan Elite Easy-to-Wire Demonstration

Titan Elite Ceiling Mount, Cable Management Video

Elite 5220 Sit-Stand Workstation

Elite 5220 wall mount video

Tablet Mount
Range of Motion

Professional Tablet Mount video

VT21 Workstation

VT21 video

Overhead Arm

Overhead Arm video

Ultra 182 Workstation

Ultra 182 Workstation video

Keyboard Ultra Slide

Keyboard Ultra Slide

Elite 5216 Workstation

elite 5216 video

Inverted Ultra 180 Arm

Inverted 180 video

Ultra 180 Arm


Elite Single Wall Mount


Titan Wall Mount


Ultra 550 Wall Mount


Ultra Wall Track