Product Accessories

Item Description
A1 Ultra Arm Extension
AS1 Ultra Short Arm Extension
B0500-0003-CH Chrome Ring
B000S541 Stick-on Mouse Pad
CE Inline Ceiling Mount
CLIPONMOUSETRAYKIT Clip-on mouse tray for the laptop tray
CMT Camera mount adapter
F8X48 Pedestal
GELPADASSY Gel wrist rest
TOG5KIT Toggler® Fasteners
KACCBRK Barcode scanner bracket for HDPE keyboard tray
KP12 12″ Paralink Keyboard Tray
KPB Paralink Keyboard Tray with wrist rest contour
KPP Paralink HDPE Keyboard Tray
KSCANBRK Barcode scanner bracket for aluminum keyboard tray
KU12 12″ Ultra Keyboard Tray
KUB Ultra Keyboard Tray with wrist rest contour
KUP HDPE Keyboard Tray
KUS Keyboard Slide Tray
MINIPC1212-WB Mini PC VESA attachment bracket (black only)
MOUSEHOUSE-W Mouse house for keyboard trays
PAM Power adapter mount for MD tracks
SRVCTRY Addon service tray
SCANTRAY Scanner tray assembly.
TACPUKIT MD Track adapter for frame CPU
TAEZMTKIT MD Track adapter for clamp CPU
TAHZMTKIT Horizontal MD wall track adapter for the ICW EZ Mount
TAICWCPUKIT Ultra wall track adapter for all CPU holders
TAMD18KIT MD Track adapter for MD and Ultra
TAMDT2KIT MD Track adapter for T2 and Elite
TAT2KIT GCX wall track Adapter for T2 & Elite
TAW2KIT MD Track adapter for Ultra W2
TAW3KIT MD Track adapter for Ultra W3
TEH Paralink Swivel Handle
THBV Paralink Ball-joint VESA Handle
TMD12 12″ MD Track
TMD19 19″ MD Track
TMD23 23″ MD Track
TMD26 26″ MD Track
TMD36 36″ MD Track
TMD50 50″ MD Track
UM8X 8×8″ Ceiling Plate
V100X200KIT 100x200mm VESA plate for larger displays